Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Brewing Inspiration

Reason #1

Here is a pic of one of the last remaining almost IPA's. My wife grabbed and poured the last cold one out of the refridgerator. Even she is a fan of hand-crafted bier.

WeinBerg Weizenbier

Yesterday I bottled the overly hopped, all-grain, hybrid American White Wheat beer that I recently brewed. This one is going to be good.

Definitely buy yourself a spring-loaded bottling wand. The gravity wands start leaking when your bottling bucket gets low.
Capping with ye'ol' Red Barron.

I swear by these 12 oz. plastic "tester" bottles.

The King's bier!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Holier Than Thou..... How? reference

Holier Than Thou..... How?

I began a Patersbier this Saturday. It had a low mash temp of 147. There really was a three stage mash, but that is a little above my equipment so I opted for the single 60 min mash.

This is the 9 lbs. of Pilsner malt right before it went into the mash tun.

My mash tun got stuck so I wash forced to make a mess and ended up with a wart that was a bit cloudier than the last brew. Oh well, bread beer will be fine.

WYEAST again. They need to hire me as a sales rep. I have had great luck with these activator packs and can pretty much predict when and how ferment will occur. This is a trappist.

1 oz. German tradition (60 min) and .5 oz. Czech Saaz (10 min)

Turkey fry pot. Works as well as any. Katy said "I thought you weren't going to brew inside anymore." I love the honey-tea-esk aroma. She says it smells like sweet potatoes.

Irish moss. I put some in with about 20 minutes of boil time left.

St. Pauli Girl in my 25 cent thrift store dimple glass!

Air lock getting ready to burp.

Did I mention the Mead?

I had some honey and I had an extra pack of yeast so I thought, "What the hay." I did not follow any recipe, just added some honey to a gallon of water, a little brown sugar and a few strawberries. I let it cool, pitched the yeast and well....it is turning into something. We will see.......