Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Start to Finish with Fred

I took all of my home-brewing gadgets over to my Dad's house today to brew his first batch. I used some of the new things I have created. Brewing is an art. Art is refinement, whether the increments are large or small.

Getting the strike water up to temp.

My mobile gravity system.

Inside of the mash tun. Check out the youtube video for a how-to.


Letting the grain bed settle.

Returning the wart to the mash.

MMMMMMMMMMM almost beer!

New sparge.

Working well.

adding a bit more sparge water.

the ball valve really helped control the sparge flow.

pre=boil and hops. Very clear and Great color.

Dawson's Red Multigrain. Thanks Northern Brewer!

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