Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Gadgets, Ideas, and Brew

DISCLAIMER: I am, in no way, form, or fashion, an expert, just an experimenter.

Here is what I am going to use as a sparge tank. It is a two-gallon Coleman cooler. I will add a brass ball valve so that I can control the flow rate for the sparge.

Here is the most awesome thing I have created to date. It is my sparge arm. I used what I had. Note to everyone, never use pvc. You must always use cpvc designated drinking water, especially when running hot water through it. That is also high temp water line with small holes drilled every inch or so....

In an attempt to combat the growing Florida heat, I have been devising a plan for a cooler locker each night instead of counting sheep. This is the bottom of the pantry which generally just collects grocery bags waiting to go to the recycling bin.

Here is a picture of the inside. This is the American Wheat which I transferred to the secondary and added an oz. of Cascade hops today. There is also a frozen two liter(litre) for the brits, which is helping regulate the temp. I intend on adding a small ac vent and foam to the locker to make it as efficient as possible. The ice is working pretty well. It is sitting around 70 degrees.

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